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Students at the University of Arizona frequently receive criminal charges.  The most common charges are for underage drinking, possession of marijuana, and false identification.  There are also quite a few charges that deal with disorderly conduct, assault, criminal damage, DUI, and domestic violence.  These are all criminal charges and need to be taken seriously.  Even a small, criminal charge can follow a student around for a lifetime.

Generally, students who get in trouble for the first time for underage drinking, marijuana, and false ID can take "Diversion" classes.  If the U of A police arrested the student, it may be possible to complete Diversion on campus.  Usually, though, the student has to got through Pima County Consolidated Justice Court or Tucson City Court.  Diversion allows the student to complete some sort of counseling program, pay modest fees, and get the charges dropped.

Probably about half of the students with very small misdemeanors as described are able to go to court and handle the matter themselves.  They generally do so to save money and/or to avoid letting their parents know. If a student is reading this and wants to obtain Diversion themselves, please still check with an attorney first at a free consultation just to make sure you understand what you are doing.

For students who do not want to interact with a judge and a prosecutor, please definitely consult with an attorney and perhaps get an attorney to avoid the stress and ensure that the matter is handled properly.

If you have a Domestic Violence charge or a DUI, definitely consult with an attorney.

If you are charged with a felony, definitely consult with an attorney.

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