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Civil Traffic Tickets

Civil tickets include ordinary civil speeding violations, running a stop sign, improper lane change, and many other similar things. Photo radar tickets for speeding or running red lights are considered civil traffic tickets.

At the Law Office of Alec Hanus, I represent clients looking to dismiss their civil traffic tickets. If you were recently charged with a speeding ticket or another type of traffic offense in Arizona, reach out to my office in Tucson today. I'll set you up with a free consultation.

Caught in a Traffic Jam?

Combat Your Civil Traffic Charge

One common way for a person to get a civil ticket dismissed is to take a Defensive Driving Class. A person can take the class once every 12 months. Another option is to set the matter for a hearing and argue the facts of a specific case. Another idea for photo radar cases is to wait to be personally served. You can search on the Internet for a variety of ways to challenge civil traffic tickets. Generally, the cost of hiring an attorney exceeds the cost of a civil ticket so most individuals handle such tickets themselves.

If a civil ticket is especially important to you — Commercial Driver's License, too many points, or you feel strongly about it for some other reason — please feel free to contact me. Usually, for these types of cases, meeting via an e-mail exchange or a telephone consultation saves time for everybody and, together, we can determine if it makes sense for you to hire an attorney.

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