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Just called with a question and received guidance over the phone immediately. No strings attached. A truly good person! I would recommend Alec to anyone. Thank you guys for the help.

- Dakota F

I was doing a cross country road trip from Maryland to California when I got a criminal speeding ticket in AZ, Alec was one of a few lawyers I contacted about it. From the start I could tell he was good at what he did. The price he charged was better than the other guys and his explanation as to why the difference is what made me go with him. He delivered on our agreed upon results. Extremely happy of working with him! Irma is great as well! thank you all for your help!

- Jose H.

After my DUI, I didn't know what to do. I was so scared! I called alec for a free consultation. He was caring, honest and so helpful. I decided to hire him as my DUI attorney and I'm forever grateful I did. They wanted to throw the book at me and alec fought for me. He was incredibly responsive, reassuring and knowledgeable. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and hire him. He saved my livelihood after a really horrible mistake.

- Maeghan F.

This is a great place for anyone who is reaching out for more options if they need legal supports or protections just like me. They help me reach out to one of the best attorney who I ever communicated with in a very short amount of time, which help me a lot!!! Definitely the law office that you wanna talk with if you need help.

- Kristen X.

Alec has been a great attorney to some of our clients. He has been doing it for more than 20 years, he is not a newbie on the block. He knows the system and how it works. He is everything you want in an attorney: he listens, provides support, but more importantly gets the job done. Professional, responsive, Irma from his office is ALWAYS answering the phone. Highly recommend.

- Lena M.

Alec Hanus and his team were there to help me along the way from the start. They are genuine, detailed and focused and really show care nonstop! I absolutely recommend them over anyone else! I am truly grateful for their help and the outcome!

- Kathryn C.

Alec is truly an amazing lawyer. He is patient, thorough, and took extra time to explain things to me. Throughout the entire process, I felt reassured and confident for my and my family's future. Got amazing outcomes I didn't know were possible. He has my highest recommendation.

- Christy C.

He has done a miracle for me. He is the best lawyer.

- Younseo R.

Alec is an amazing lawyer. He’s fair, smart and, most of all passionate about his job.

He guided me through the whole process and everything turned out the best it could. He’s one of the only people I have met that is doing there job for all the right reasons.

I would recommend him without a doubt that you will be satisfied.

- William V.

Alec did a wonderful job with my case, went to trial and was found not guilty on all charges! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Thank you very much Alec!

- Mark

Mr Alec Hanus is a very professional and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. I never had a deal with justice. I charge with misdemeanor. mr Alec Hanus listened and explained me all the details possible outcomes. He was always there for me for any questions or concerns.
He worked very hard on my case. I go to court with him my case got Dismissed. Thank you Alec.
I highly Recommend who needs a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney

- G.B.

Alec Hanus, is one of the MOST Knowledgeable Lawyers I have met so far. I would Recommend him to Everyone. 5 STARS!

- Travis C.

Very helpful during a very difficult time.

- Laura N.

Mr. Hanus is very generous with his time and advice, and extremely knowledgeable.

- John M.

Alec was great. He was friendly, proffesional and fair.

- Edgar G.

I hired Alec for a DUI offense that was from years ago. Chargers were dropped then a warrant issued out the blue and I just happened to find out while visiting AZ. First off, Alec was WAY cheaper than other lawyers I spoke to about this. Second he wasn't just out to get a check, he told me "he would look into things to see if he could get the charges dropped prior to charging me what it would take to go to trial". He ended up getting all charges dropped! The guy is legit! He's not one of those scumbags lawyers trying to rip people off to do nothing, if he says he's going to get something done he does. I appreciate the work he did for me and his assistant Irma is great! Solid guy, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Victor U.

He is a great lawyer! He will be honest with you, sometimes the truth is tough, but it helps you prepare for whats coming. He wont tell you he can win your case if he doesnt believe it. Which makes sense since people check their record/history of case wins vs loses. Also if he can't help you with your case, (not criminal) he usually knows who can.

Highly recommend Alec! You wont be disappointed..

P.S. You wont need to attend court unless mandatory, he keeps you informed as needed. He has a 24hr answering service who contacts him directly after hours, in case of emergencies.

Let him know Loran & Ruben referred you ;) he will treat you like family..

- Loran

I would highly recommend Alec Hanus’s service. Since our first meeting, I could tell he was an honest man and that he would do whatever he could to help me. Mr. Hanus worked tirelessly to get two major traffic violations dismissed with no points added to my driving record. He was extremely organized and talked me through the whole process. If I had any questions, he was just a phone call away. Mr. Hanus worked over a year on my cases with the utmost professionalism. He is very knowledgeable about the process, which allowed me to reach a favorable outcome. He truly cares about his clients. I could not say enough nice things about Mr. Hanus. If you need a lawyer, he is your guy.

- Marquis W.

I got a speeding ticket around Feb 14th and Mr. Alec Hanus helped me out in every way he could. It was very affordable and did not take much out of me! Other than the pandemic that I assume halted the court, I do not have a problem with hiring him again! But hopefully I do not get another speeding ticket.

- Jacob C.

Alec Hanus assisted me in a complex collision ticket. He was professional, responsive and fervently fought for me ultimately winning the case.

- Amy M.

Alec is really nice and patient lawyer. He helped on my criminal traffic ticket. Everything handled well and perfect. I really appreciate him.

- Shuaisong Z.

This was my first time ever hiring an attorney and It was the best decision I could've made.. Alec is an AMAZING attorney but more importantly a wonderful human being. He works endlessly to get you the best outcome and cares about his clients. I hired Alec for a DUI case and I am forever grateful.

- Jesus C.

We were referred to Alex Hanus by our friends. What makes him exceptional, it is his honesty and professional consultations. No BS (bad science) advices. I'd recommend him for anyone looking for good legal services.

- R&E Trucking LLC

Helped me with a traffic ticket issue was worth every penny. Alec kept me informed through the process and insured everything was taken care of.

- J.H.

Helped me with a traffic ticket issue was worth every penny. Alec kept me informed through the process and insured everything was taken care of.

- Page M.

Alec really helped me out, he was professional and kind kind kind! Totally different experience than any other lawyer i have experienced!

- Boots S.

Mr Hanus is an amazing man. He worked with me with my court case and got me threw the hard times. Thank you Alec!!

- Vincent M.

Stand up individual with a plethora of knowledge.

- Albert G.