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Domestic Violence Attorney in Tucson, Arizona

Domestic violence charges can ruin a person's life. They can impact Fingerprint Clearance Cards, gun rights, and employment. They frequently lead to jail, prison, probation, and counseling. Just having a record of "domestic violence" sounds very bad.

When your future has been threatened by a domestic violence charge in Arizona, you need a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney fighting on your behalf. At the Law Office of Alec Hanus, I'm ready to be your fierce advocate from start to finish. If you were recently accused of domestic violence in Pima County, Santa Cruz County, or Cochise County, schedule a free consultation with me at my office in Tucson.

Arrested for Domestic Violence?

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There are many defenses to domestic violence charges. Many of the defenses deal with who started a particular argument or fight. Often the charges are the result of one party reporting an argument to the police and the police, who are under pressure to always arrest someone, simply arresting a party after minimal investigation and leaving it to the court to sort out.

I have handled hundreds of domestic violence cases over the course of my career, and I have very likely handled a case like yours. I previously worked as a criminal prosecutor, so I understand how to other side thinks and can use that knowledge to anticipate their potential strategies. I am able to give you a very good assessment of your chances of winning or reducing the domestic violence charges.

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Tell me your side of the story. I'm ready to pursue the outcome you need to hopefully put your domestic violence charges behind you. Contact me at the Law Office of Alec Hanus in Tucson, Arizona, to schedule a free consultation. Let's work together to start building your defense.