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Quash Warrants Attorney in Tucson, Arizona

Generally, a person can get a warrant if the person does not go to court for a criminal case. Another common way for someone to get a warrant is for the person to be ordered by the court to pay a fine or complete counseling or perform some other task and the person does not do so.

Don't Trust a Warrant?

If a law enforcement agent (police, border patrol, etc.) stops you and runs your name in certain databases, the warrant will appear normally. What happens next depends on the level of the warrant and the jurisdiction. For example, a warrant for a murder charge will result in your arrest anywhere in the United States. If you have a misdemeanor charge from Pima County, normally only a law enforcement agent from Pima County or a nearby county would arrest you and take you to jail. These are general examples and may vary depending on the offense and jurisdiction.

To quash warrants (not squash warrants), our law office sometimes will go directly to the judge and ask that it be immediately quashed. Sometimes a court or judge will require the issue to be scheduled. It depends on the offense and jurisdiction usually.

If you have a warrant, please call the Law Office of Alec Hanus for a free consultation. It is worth taking a few minutes time to ensure that you do not end up in jail for a warrant that might be quashed in advance.

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