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DUI & Domestic Violence Attorney in Tucson, Arizona

Whether you have been charged with DUI, Domestic Violence, or any other criminal charge, the consequences can come with severe penalties, if you are convicted. As a criminal defense attorney, it is my duty to defend you. I’ll work with you to obtain the best outcome possible and defend your rights. If you live in Tucson, Arizona or the surrounding areas of Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties, and would like to discuss a legal matter, please call for a Free Consultation.

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Alec Hanus

Attorney at Law

Alec Hanus has been an attorney in Tucson, Arizona for over 20 years. He has worked for a judge in Pima County Superior Court where he learned first-hand how a judge may view cases and issues. Mr. Hanus worked at the Pima County Attorney’s Office for several years in both the misdemeanor and felony units. As such, he is extremely well-informed about prosecutors, plea offers from the State, and reasonable ways to litigate against prosecutors. For approximately the last 18 years, Mr. Hanus has proudly defended individuals who need legal help.


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Standing Up for Your Rights

The United States Constitution should always be upheld in the legal process, especially when it comes to the Bill of Rights. Our law entitle you to many freedoms such as the freedom from illegal search and seizure. I will fight to ensure that all your rights are protected.

Straightforward Communication

I provide my clients with the most accurate information that I can. It is important that you hear both the best and worst case scenarios for your situation. I will always answer your questions as accurately as I can and prepare a plan of action with you. Generally, the goal is to obtain a dismissal as the first option. If that is not possible, we will try to limit the penalties and get you through the legal problem, so you can return to your normal life.

Client Testimonials

Advocating for You & Your Rights

Being charged with a crime is no small matter. It is essential that you speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. I will educate you on your constitutional rights and walk you through how we can defend your case. Over the past two decades, I have amassed a reputation for winning difficult cases and negotiating reduced penalties.

If you have been charged with a DUI, I will first discuss the case with you and then obtain disclosure. The disclosure includes relevant evidence and materials, including police reports, sobriety tests, blood alcohol content, and witness statements. I examine each detail for a valid point of dismissals, such as an improperly conducted traffic stop or a violation of your rights. If you are a student at the University of Arizona and charged with a Minor in Possession, reach out. Schedule a free consultation with me to see if your case could be dismissed in court.

Domestic violence, stalking, and physical assault charges regularly end in the defendant serving time in jail or prison. Having a criminal record can permanently impact your life, excluding you from future jobs and access to gun rights. Sometimes, after an argument, one side will report the altercation, and the police will charge one of the participating parties and hope the court sorts it out. I fight to protect the rights of the arrested party and make sure they are treated fairly.

Even if a case truly cannot be won, not all hope is lost. I have successfully negotiated hundreds of plea arguments, minimized or eliminated fines, jail time, and other penalties. If you live in Tucson, Arizona — or the neighboring areas of Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties, and are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, I am here to represent you. For an honest assessment, schedule a free consultation with me today.