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Death or Serious Physical Injury by Moving Violation Attorney in Tucson, Arizona

Unfortunately, in Tucson in particular, drivers sometimes are charged with committing a civil driving violation that leads to death or serious physical injury. These are very tricky cases because of the genuine emotional sadness that is on both sides of the litigation. I have handled these cases and presented lectures on how to litigate them to other attorneys. If you have such a case, please contact me for advice.

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28-672. Causing Serious Physical Injury or Death by a Moving Violation

A. A person is guilty of causing serious physical injury or death by a moving violation if the person violates any one of the following and the violation results in an accident causing serious physical injury or death to another person:

1. Section 28-645, subsection A, paragraph 3, subdivision (a).

2. Section 28-710.

3. Section 28-729.

4. Section 28-771.

5. Section 28-772.

6. Section 28-773.

7. Section 28-792.

8. Section 28-794.

9. Section 28-797, subsection F, G, H or I.

10. Section 28-855, subsection B.

11. Section 28-857, subsection A.

12. Section 28-914.

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