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Lack of Reasonable Suspicion: Did the police officer have the right to stop you?

Lack of Probable Cause:  Did the police officer have a right to arrest you?

Miranda Violation:  Did the police officer violate your Miranda rights?

Right to Counsel:  Did the police officer honor your right to contact an attorney?

Testing Method:  Was the proper procedure used when obtaining your alcohol sample?

Driving:  Are there witnesses to driving or being in actual physical control?

Test Results:  How accurate are the breath and blood results?

These are the most common challenges that can lead to a dismissal of your case.  There are others.  Whatever you do with your case, make sure you consult with an experienced DUI attorney.

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Attorney Alec Hanus is a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to helping people solve their legal problems. Mr. Hanus is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who will personally speak with you during a free initial consultation and offer you a realistic evaluation of your case.

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