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Felony drug charges potentially can ruin a person's life.  Not only are the prison sentences shockingly punitive in many cases, but even simple possession cases can lead to incarceration, supervised probation, and collateral consequences such as a loss of a job or benefits.

There are many defenses to drug offenses usually centering around whether a person actually possessed drugs or had knowledge of drugs or whether the drugs were for personal use or for sale.  Other less common defenses, such as entrapment, may apply.  Other defenses in cases with wiretaps and search warrants may apply as well.

Every person's case has specific, unique facts.  Please contact me, so that I can review your case with you in person and see if we can get your case dismissed or reduced.

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Alec Hanus


Attorney Alec Hanus is a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to helping people solve their legal problems. Mr. Hanus is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who will personally speak with you during a free initial consultation and offer you a realistic evaluation of your case.

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