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Civil tickets include ordinary civil speeding violations, running a stop sign, improper lane change, and many other similar things.  Photo radar tickets for speeding or red light running are civil.

One common way for a person to get a civil ticket dismissed is to take a Defensive Driving Class.  A person can take the class once every 12 months. Another option is to set the matter for a hearing and argue the facts of a specific case.  Another idea for photo radar cases is to wait to be personally served.  You can search on the Internet for a variety of ways to challenge civil traffic tickets.  Generally, the cost of hiring an attorney exceeds the cost of a civil ticket so most individuals handle such tickets themselves.

If a civil ticket is especially important to you -- Commercial Driver's License, too many points, or you feel strongly about it for some other reason -- please feel free to contact me. Usually for these types of cases an e-mail exchange or a telephone consultation saves time for everybody and we can determine if it makes sense for you to hire an attorney.

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Attorney Alec Hanus is a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to helping people solve their legal problems. Mr. Hanus is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who will personally speak with you during a free initial consultation and offer you a realistic evaluation of your case.

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