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MVD issues can be surprisingly complicated and serious.  Every person's situation is different.  You need to consult an attorney about your specific situation.  Generally, you have to at a minimum be aware of DUI suspensions and the Ignition Interlock requirements.


Often when you receive a DUI charge, your license will be scheduled to be suspended in 15 days time.  Speak with an attorney to consider at least temporarily stopping any suspension which can be done by requesting a hearing. The suspension is typically for 90 days, but it usually can be reduced to 30 days of no driving and 60 days of restricted driving.  There are some variations that may apply to your case, so be sure to speak with an attorney about you specific situation.  Also, if you refused an alcohol concentration test, Arizona MVD will probably try to suspend your license for a year which makes the hearing request very important.


If you receive a first DUI conviction, normally you are required to place an Ignition Interlock in your vehicle for 12 months which can be reduced to six months under certain circumstances.

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