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One of the first things, callers ask any lawyer is how much does a lawyer cost?  It's a simple and fair question. Part of the reason that lawyers do not answer the question is that every case is different.  There may be 1000 pages of police reports in one case and two pages in another similar case.  There may be many more witnesses in one case than one with similar charges.  Some courts are easier to work in than others.  There genuinely are many variables.

I have been an attorney practicing criminal law for 19 years. These are my best estimates and best effort to provide people with fees/costs.  Please contact me for a more precise price quotation.

Misdemeanor DUI Fee/Cost:  $3500.

Felony DUI Fee/Cost: $3500 - $7500

Domestic Violence Fee/Cost: $1000-$3500

Underage Drinking Fee/Cost: $1000-$2500

Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor Fee/Cost:  $1000-$2500

Reckless Driving Fee/Cost:  $1000-$3500

Felony Charges Fee/Cost (Drug Charges/Car Theft/Other Standard Felonies):$3500 to $15000

Very serious felony offenses require a consultation before providing an estimate.

If you want a specific quotation for your specific case, please contact me.  I will review your case with you for free and give you a price quote.

If you want to set up a payment plan, our office can do that.

Payment can be done with a credit card, debit card, cash, or personal check.

Please call for a Free Consultation and Price Quote.  520-624-1403

Alec Hanus


Attorney Alec Hanus is a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to helping people solve their legal problems. Mr. Hanus is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who will personally speak with you during a free initial consultation and offer you a realistic evaluation of your case.

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