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Current Practice

The Law Office of Alec Hanus primarily represents clients charged with criminal offenses. Mr. Hanus has practiced law in Arizona for the past 19 years. He is licensed to practice in the State of Arizona and the United States District Court (federal court) and is good standing with both state and federal courts.

Mr. Hanus has worked for a judge in Pima County Superior Court, prosecuted misdemeanor and felony cases at the Pima County Attorney's Office, and defended clients at the Law Office of Alec Hanus. His well-rounded background – working for a judge and the prosecutor's office in addition to his defense experience – allows him to analyze cases from all perspectives and then provide his clients with a comprehensive analysis of their respective situations.

Mr. Hanus has handled several thousand cases as either a prosecutor or defense attorney. It is extremely likely that he has handled a case very similar to yours.

Please feel free to call 520-624-1403 or email us for a free consultation.

Alec Hanus


Attorney Alec Hanus is a Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to helping people solve their legal problems. Mr. Hanus is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who will personally speak with you during a free initial consultation and offer you a realistic evaluation of your case.

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